Burke's Peerage

Who are Burke's Peerage & Gentry? 


Burke documented all those who were high ranked or were landed gentry. Below is the first edition from 1835.


Often referred to as 'the aristocracy bible', these are without comparison as a genealogical reference to the influential figures and families of Great Britain and Ireland

The Greenlys have been resident at Titley, and at Mowley, in the adjoining parish of  Stanton on Arrow (Herefordshire, England) for many centuries, their names occurring in deeds and parchments as far back as the reign of Edward IV (Edward III is now proven to be earliest recording on fine rolls (The fine rolls of the 31st to 57th years of the reign of king Henry III(1246-1272)).

John Greneleye, of Mouldly, had the manor of Woodhallhill, in Stanton on Arrow, granted to him by Margery Nokes, in 1525. He died. 21st April, 1592, leaving, inter alio*, by his wife Anne, a son and successor,

Edward Greneleye, esq. of Tyttley, who wedded in 1610, Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Burton, esq. of Shropshire, and had issue,

  • Andrew, his heir. 
  • John, who d. in 1637. 
  • Dorothea, m. in 1645 to George Dodd, 
  • esq. 


Edward Greneleye rf. 10th June, 1646, and was *. by his elder son,

Andrew Greenlye, esq. of Tyttley, b. in 1611, who espoused first, Alice—, and had issue,

  • John, his heir.
  • Andrew, who d. unmarried in 1666.
  • Elizabeth.
  • Ahigail.

Mr. Greenlye m. secondly, in 1646, Margaret, daughter of Thomas Davies, gent. of Wigmore, in the county of Hereford, by whom he had two daughters;

  • Margaret, m. to Mr. Harris, of Abergavenny, and
  • Dorothine, who died unmarried. He was s. by his son,

John Greenly, esq. of Titley. This gentleman m.first, in 1671, Barbara, daughter of John Walsham,* esq. of Knill Court, in

• This John Walsham, of Knill Court, was sheriff of Radnorshire in 1653. He wedded, as

the county of Hereford, by Joan, his wife, daughter of John Jones, esq. of Llandetty, in the county of Brecknock, and had no surviving issue. He wedded secondly, in 1677, Phoebe, daughter of — Hyde, esq. of Shropshire, by whom he had two sons and a daughter, viz. John, his heir.

  • Edward, b. in 1680, who m. Anne, daughter and co-heiress (with Mary, the lady of Sir John Philipps, bart. of Picton Castle, and another daughter, who espoused John Richards, esq. of Cardiff), of Henry Shepherd, of London, merchant, and had issue,

1. Edward, who m. Elizabeth, dau. of John Greenly, esq. ofTitley.

2. Elizabeth, to. to Christopher Lake-Moody, LL.D. but had no issue.

3. Charlotte, m. to Edmund Bull, esq. and had a daughter, who espoused James Greene, esq. of Kingston, Surrey.

4. Anne, m. to Peregrine Furge, esq. and (/. issueless.


Mr. Greenly espoused thirdly, in 1682,

Dorothy, relict of Thomas Hopwood, esq. of Milton, in the county of Hereford, and

had four other daughters, viz.

  • Dorothy, m. to Nicholas Taylor, esq.    of Broadheath, in Herefordshire, by   whom she had an only child, who m.    the Rev. John Ingram of Burford,   and had two daughters, Milborough,    the wife of Edmund Burnam-Pates-    hall, esq. of Allensmore, and Fran-    Ces-elizabeth, m. to Dansey Ri-   chard Dansey, esq. of Easton Court. 
  • Rose, m. to the Rev. John Browne,     I). I), vice-chancellor of Oxford, and    their grandson left issue, a daughter,   Mary, m. to Thomas Dickenson, esq.   of Abbotsmoss, in Cheshire, and two    sons, one of whom died a bachelor,    the other marrying Catharine, dau.   of the Right Hon. Isaac Corry, was    father of a daughter, who wedded   Captain Burdett, R. N. 
  • Alice, m. to — Howarth.esq. of Cabalva,   Radnorshire, and had issue, 


Harry HowARTh, d. unmarried. 

Humphrey Howarth, a colonel in stated above, Joanna Jones, and was great-great great grandfather of the present Sir John-james Garbett-Walsham, bart. of Knill Court. (See Burke's Peerage and Baronetage).   the army, and M. P. for Ever-   sham, who d. s. p. 

Edward Howarth, (Sir) who d.s.p. 


  • Maria Howarth,) , ,        TT ..'> both a. unm. Mary Howarth,) 
  • Charlotte Howarth m. to Henry Allen, esq. of the Lodge, Bre- conshire. 
  • Anne, m. to --- Downes, esq. Mr. Greenly died 25th May, 1729, at the advanced »ge of ninety, having been for many years a useful and active magistrate 

of the county of Hereford. In 1679 he had purchased the lease of the manor of Titley, 

and copyhold lands, held at a yearly rent, and fine on renewal of lease under the col- 

lege of Winchester. He was s. by his son,


John Greenly, esq. of Titley, who m. first, in 1708, Frances, daughter of — Atkinson, esq. of Shropshire, by whom he had an only child, Frances, m. to the Rev. Herbert Bradford, of Shobdon, in Herefordshire, and d. without issue, in 1763. Mr. Greenly wedded secondly, Elizabeth,daughter and co-heiress (with her sister Blanch, the wife of John Floyer, esq. of Whitehouse, in the county of Monmouth) of John Boutcher, esq. and Elizabeth, his wife, sole heiress of John Williams, esq. of Curndu, in the county of Brecon, by whom he had issue,

John, who d. in 1752.


  • William, present propietor. 
  • Elizabeth, married to her cousin Edward Greenly, esq. of Norhiton Hall, 

  Surrey, and had issue, 


Edward, who d. unmarried, in 1823. Elizabeth. Catharine, m. first to John Muscott, esq. and had one son, who died issueless. She wedded secondly, Edmund Maskelyne, esq. of Basset Down, in Wilts, brother to Viscountess Clive, and thirdly, William Halhed, esq.


Arms—Vert, a chev. between three stags trippant, all party per pale erm. and erminois.

Crest—A demi stag rampant, party per fess erm. and erminois, on the shoulder an escallop shell az.

Motto—Fal-y-Gallo, (Anglice) As I can; the device of Mr. Greenly's maternal ancestors, the Williamses of Curndu*

Estates—At Titley, Mowley, Curnburton, and Little Leinthall, in the county of Hereford. Curndu, in the county of Brecon, and Whitehouse, in Monmouthshire.

Seat—Titley Court, near Kington, Herefordshire.


* see The Floyer Family Tree below for details of the inheritence of William Greenly of the titles and estates of his family. 







Catherine Greenly
 1736 - 1786


Titley, Herefordshire, England  

o    Place of birth by inference from information about her brother William Greenly and the Greenly family of Titley Court, Titley, Herefordshire (see notes for other family members).


Abt 19 May 1736 

Titley, Herefordshire, England  

o    Date and place from LDS IGI Individual Record for Catherine Greenly, daughter of John Greenly and Elizabeth (locality extract).




9 Jan 1786 

Walcot, Bath, Somerset, England  

PRO Cat.Ref.: PROB 11/1147 

o    Will of Catherine Halhead or Halhed, Wife of Walcot, Somerset (6 pages).


17 Jun 1786 

Walcot, Bath, Somerset, England  

Codicil. PRO Cat.Ref.: PROB 11/1147 

o    Will of Catherine Halhead or Halhed, Wife of Walcot, Somerset (6 pages).


11 Oct 1786 

Bath, Somerset, England  

105 pounds, plus 105 pound annuity, plus lifetime use of house and contents in Bath, from will of William Halhed dated 10 Aug 1786 


Titley, Herefordshire, England  

Titley Court 


30 Oct 1786 

London, Middlesex, England  

o    Rosane Rocher indicates she died a month after her husband William Halhed.
She died after 17 June 1786, because she added a codicil to her will on that date. The will was proved on 3 Nov 1786.

Death notice in The Daily Universal Register (London), Wednesday, 1 November 1786, p. 3, reads:

     On Monday died, in Wigmore-street, Cavendish-square, after a long and painful illness, Mrs. Halhed, relict of William Halhed, Esq.

Will proved 

3 Nov 1786 

PRO Cat.Ref.: PROB 11/1147 

o    Will of Catherine Halhead or Halhed, Wife of Walcot, Somerset (6 pages).




Saint Peter's Church, Petersham, Surrey, England  

o    Place from Nigel Cooper doc: Halhed Details for Eleanor.doc, forwarded from Eleanor Donaldson via email Nov 18, 2004.


o    A Genealogical and Heraldic History of The Commoners of Great Britain And Ireland Enjoying Territorial Possessions or High Official Rank: But Uninvested With Heritable Honours. History of the Commoners of Great Britain and Ireland (ancestry.com) gives:


    Greenly, of Titley Court. Líneage. Catharine , m. first to John Muscott , esq. and had one son, who died issueless. She wedded secondly, Edmund Maskelyne , esq. of Basset Down , in Wilts , brother to Viscountess Clive , and thirdly, William Halhed , esq.

Will of Catherine Halhed née Greenly, dated 9 Jan 1786, and codicil dated 17 Jun 1786, name the following family members:
my present dear husband William Halhed
my brother William Greenley, Esquire, of Titley, Herefordshire
my brother-in-law Edward Greenley, Esquire, of Norbitton House, Kingston, Surrey
Robert William Halhed, Esquire, of Saint Andrew Holborn, Middlesex - Co-Executor
John Halhed, Esquire, of Saint Andrew Holborn, Middlesex - Co-Executor
my son John Muscott
my sister Elizabeth Greenley, wife of Edward Greenley
my niece Elizabeth Greenley, daughter of William Greenley
my daughter-in-law Ellen Frances Martin, wife of Edwin Martin, Esquire, of Matthew Green, Wokingham, Wiltshire
my niece Elizabeth Greenley, daughter of Edward Greenley
Elizabeth Halhed (widow of Robert Halhed?) - Witness to Codicil
Helena Louisa Halhed, wife of Nathaniel Brassey Halhed - Witness to Codicil

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Halhed Genealogy

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27 Dec 2009 



John Greenly,   b. 1678,   d. 5 May 1753 


Elizabeth Boutcher,   b. Abt 1709,   d. 1773 


Shropshire, England  

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Family 1 

John Muscott,   b. Abt 1721, Titley, Herefordshire, England ,   d. 1760 


20 Sep 1757 

Ludlow, Shropshire, England  

o    Witnesses to the marriage were Edward Greenly and William Greenly -- from Shropshire - Ludlow - Parish Registers, Hereford Dioceses (ancestry.com)



1. John Muscott,   b. 1758,   d. Aft 1786

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Family 2 

Edmund Maskelyne,   c. 9 Aug 1728, Purton, Wiltshire, England ,   d. 1775 


24 Dec 1771 

Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, Wales  

o    From http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~monfamilies/Monmarrindex.html. Listing shows Edmond Maskelyne (widower) of Lydiard Tregoze, Wiltshire, married on 24 Dec 1771 in Abergavenny, Catherine Muscott (widow) of Abergavenny.

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Family 3 

William Halhed,   b. 2 Jun 1723,   d. 30 Sep 1786, London, Middlesex, England  


7 Feb 1785 

Bath, Somerset, England  

o    In will of Catherine Greenly, reference is to a marriage settlement made on and previous to her marriage to William Halhed, the settlement being dated "the fifth day of February last past" and the will being dated 9 Jan 1786, from which it is deduced that the marriage occurred on 5 Feb 1785.

Marriage notice in The Gentleman's Magazine, February 1785, p. 155, reads: Feb. ... 7. ... At Bath, William Halhead, esq; of Great-George-street, Westminster, to Mrs. Maskeline, of Bath.

Note that LDS AFN: N2DD-M0 shows marriage aft 1757, Ludlow, Shropshire, England, clearly an erroneous date and place.
Married by licence at Walcot St. Swithun, Bath.