Sir Edward Coke (1552 – 1634), British jurist and politician and Greneley’s Case in British Common Law 1610

Sir Edward Coke and Greneley's Case 1610
One of the cases he heard was Greneley’s case of 1610.
The Greneley family (today Greenly) are an ancient family that settled in Herefordshire for many centuries
from the 12th Century. They settled primarily around the villages of Staunton on Arrow and Titley. One these
ancient Greneleys was called Phillip who owned land which the family farmed. The ‘case’ that was bought
before Coke for a judicial ruling was bought by Owen Greneley who disputed that his brother Phillip Greneley
the Younger should not inherit the land even though that was the will of his father who died in 1578.

We know from records that Owen Greneleye lived in Hereford City in later years as he appears in City of Hereford – Hearth Tax Return – Ladyday 1664 (25 April 1664).
Sir Edward Coke and Greneley's Case 1610[...]
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Above from the records of Sir Edward Coke regarding the common law outcome of the Greneley's Case. 

Above is an extract from the diary of Lady Elizabeth Greenly of Titley Court which mentions the Grenely's Case of 1610. 


Lady Elizaberh Greenly with her father William Greenly. Between 1784 - 1838, Elizabeth kept a diary; The Greenly Diaries. Please click for an extract. Elizabeth was acquainted with Lord Byron and Marie Antoinette. She also moved in the close circle of King George III and his family.