This section is dedicated to Tom Barnard, Racing Driver

Tom Barnard's biography "I Gathered No Moss"

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Edward Howorth Greenly

M, #69154, b. 1837, d. 1926


Edward Howorth Greenly was born in 1837 at London, England.1 He was the son of Charles William Allen and Frances Maria Pyke Rosser.2 He married Sarah Caroline Forster in 1869 at Presteigne, Montgomeryshire, Wales.1 He died in 1926.1
     He was given the name of Edward Howorth Allen at birth.
2 He held the office of Justice of the Peace (J.P.) for Herefordshire.1 He lived at Titley Court, Herefordshire, England.

    Children of Edward Howorth Greenly and Sarah Caroline Forster

  1. 1.       Alice Maud Greenly+1 b. 1872, d. 1936
  2. 2.       Ethel Mary Greenly1 b. 1873
  3. 3.       Maj.-Gen. Walter Howorth Greenly1 b. 2 Jan 1875, d. 1955
  4. 4.       Lucy Margaret Greenly+ b. 1876, d. 13 Oct 1940
  5. 5.       Lt.-Col. Sir John Henry Maitland Greenly+1 b. 1885, d. 1951

Lucy Margaret Greenly

F, #69153, b. 1876, d. 13 October 1940


Lucy Margaret Greenly was born in 1876 at Titley, Herefordshire, England.1 She was the daughter of Edward Howorth Greenly and Sarah Caroline Forster.1 She married W/Cmdr. Hon. Antony Schomberg Byng, son of Reverend Francis Edmund Cecil Byng, 5th Earl of Strafford and Emily Georgina Kerr, on 2 July 1902. She died on 13 October 1940.
      Her married name became Byng.

    Children of Lucy Margaret Greenly and W/Cmdr. Hon. Antony Schomberg Byng

  1. 1.       Gillian Sarah Byng b. 15 Jul 1904, d. 26 May 1961
  2. 2.       William Humphrey Schomberg Byng b. 31 May 1906

Gillian Sarah Byng

F, #69158, b. 15 July 1904, d. 26 May 1961


Gillian Sarah Byng was born on 15 July 1904. She was the daughter of W/Cmdr. Hon. Antony Schomberg Byng and Lucy Margaret Greenly. She married Dr. Thomas Theodore Barnard, son of Thomas Henry Barnard, on 28 October 1924. She died on 26 May 1961 at age 56. Her married name became Barnard.

Children of Gillian Sarah Byng and Dr. Thomas Theodore Barnard

       1. Tom Barnard (above)


Thomas Henry Barnard

M, #69160, b. 5 March 1866, d. March 1916


 Thomas Henry Barnard was born on 5 March 1866.1 He was the son of Thomas Barnard and Isabella Henrietta Theodora Long.1 He died in March 1916.1
He lived at Kempston, Bedfordshire, England.

Children of Thomas Henry Barnard

  1. 1.       Dr. Thomas Theodore Barnard b. 31 Aug 1898
  2. 2.       Vice-Admiral Sir Geoffrey Barnard+1 b. 12 Nov 1902