The Staunton-on-Arrow Greenly's - my personal line

Titley, Mowley and Staunton-on-Arrow


The Greneleye's (Greenly's) are from de Greneleye in Staffordshire from ancient times. Around the 1400's they moved to North Herefordshire.


Their story centres on the hamlets of Mowley, Titley and Staunton-on-Arrow. These three key places are within an half hour walk of each other. 


My family branch is the Staunton-on-Arrow Greenly's, the cousins of the Titley Court Greenly's.

This family came into possession of Titley Court in 1575.


My Line at January 1st 2012 back to the 1575.


My Father

Cyril Percy Greenly b. 1923 Ludlow, Julian Road. d.1982 Norwich

Married twice.

Married Beatrice Doreen Lloyd in 1940 (23 July) in Wolverhampton, had a son Roy John 22nd October 1941 at 201 Lea Road, Wolverhampton.


There is a road named after Greenly's in Wolverhampton, for thanks for Public Contracts work undertaken by the familiy. 


My Mother. Married my Mother Doris Elizabeth Cole in 1945. Doris was born in Sterling Castle, Scotland. Her father was the Regimental Seargeant Major for the Queen's own Argyle and Sutherland Highlanders, their HQ being Stirling Castle. 

5 children.

  • Paul, Elaine, Derek, David (me), Caroline. 


·         Grandmother – Lilian Sandford Greenly. B1901 – d1997.

  • Grandfather 'Jack' Greenly, Titley.

Great Grand Parents

William Francis Greenly 1874 – 1953 married to Amelia Fox 1867 – 1946

  • Married 1899
  • William and Amelia had 6 children.
  • William was one of 5 children.
  • 1901 Census Willaim and Amelia living at 126 Yew Tree Cottage, Kingsland, Herefordshire. Willaim was 26 (Pump Repairer), Amelia was 33 – she was pregnant with Lillian (my paternal Grandmother), and had 2 other children, Milson aged 5 and Francis aged 1.
  • Post 1901, Willaim and Amelia had 3 more children; John Greenly 1902 – 1980, Lionel William Greenly (Dan) 1905 – 1990, Edward Charles Greenly 1912 – 1929 (died in Gravel Pit Accident)

Great Great Grand Parents

John Greenly 1836 - ? and Ellen Ferrer  1837 - ?

  • Married 30th June 1869 at Leominster
  • 1881 census John is 45 and Ellen is 43; had 4 children Charles11, Mary 9, William 7 (GGP), Thomas 5. They were living with Fristram (widower)age 76. Coffee House Keeper, 73 Etnam Street, Leominster, Herefordshire.
  • John was a Carpenter and Ellen was a Coffee House Manager.

Besides William born in 1874, John and Ellen had:

  • Charles John Greenly b 1870
  • Mary Greenly b1872
  • William 1874
  • Thomas 1876
  • James Richard Greenly b 1884 – d 26.4.1937 The Forge, Kings Pyon, Herefordshire (Blacksmith). James married Amy Stedman Hall in Kings Pyon on 8th June 1908. Arthur, Polly and Lillian May Greenly b 10th July 1911. My father, Cyril went to stay with his Uncle James, until 1937 when the Uncle died, Cyril would have been 13 or 14 years old. Lillian May Greenly remembers Cyril as he had trouble walking (Polio – this may have been why he went to stay with Uncle James). Cyril returned to his Grandfathers House, but left in 1940 aged 17 to go and live in Wolverhampton. The grandfather was a road contractor and hauler and two other Uncles of Cyril would have been working in Wolverhampton at the time; Francis James (Frank) Greenly. Frank had two children Francis Derek and Malcolm Greenly; these cousins must have been liked by Cyril as he later used their names as middle names  for his own twin sons – David Malcolm Greenly and Derek Gerrard Greenly.  
  • John Greenly (1836) was one of 11 children
    • Elizabeth b1828 Leominster
    • Jane b1830 Eardisland
    • Willaim b 11th January 1832 d16th January 1832
    • Mary A Greenly b1833 unmarried in the 1851 census living at Ivingtom)
    • John Greenly (1836)
    • George Greenly b 12th August 1838 Eardisland, Farmer of 18 acres in 1881 census, road labourer in 1891 census
    • Jane Anne Greenly b 23rd May 1840 Pembridge, d September 5th 1869 aged 29 Pembridge.
    • John James Greenly b 27th October 1850 Pembridge, d 7th July 1860 aged 9. Pembridge.
    • Charlotte Emma Greenly b 3rd January 1836, unmarried school mistress / shopkeeper in Bedford in the 1881 census.
    • Mary Greenly b 30th September Pembridege, unmarried and living with Charlotte in Bedford in 1881 census.
    • William James Greenly b 14th November 1845, died 6 days later.

Great Great Grand Parents

John Greenlys father was also John Greenly b 7th June 1801 (Carpenter and Wheelwright)

  • John married Elizabeth Turner (b 1807) in 7th February 1827 at Leominster. She was a farmer of 20 acres in Lower Hardwick.
  • In the 1861 census, John and Elizabeth were living at 42 Lynch Court, Eradisland, Weobley, Dilwyn. John would have been 60 years and Elizabeth 54 years old.
  • John Greenly 1801 was the eldest of 4 children
    • John Greenly 1801
    • Jane Greenly 26th December 1802 d 12th August 1804 Eardisland
    • Mary Greenly 9th December 1804 – 28th May 1831 Eardisland
    • Mathew Greenly b 1806 d 1811
  • Johns father, my Great Great Great Grandfather, was also John Greenly (1775)

Great Great Great Grand Parents

  • John Greenly 1775 b 6th August 1775 and was a carpenter.
  • He was the second eldest child of 5 children.
    • Ann Greenly b 21st August 1774 Dilwyn, d 31st August 1774
    • John Greenly 6th August 1775
    • Jane Greenly 1st January 1779 Dilwyn
    • Thomas Greenly 14th April 1782, Dilwyn d 14th February 1826 Cholstrey
    • Rebecca Greenly b and d 27th November 1785
    • Richard Greenly b 6th May 1792 Eardisland
      • Emigrated to USA in 1832 as Carpenter / Wheelwright
      • See the American Tree above for Richard and Hannah Bradford who emigrated with their family. Justin Greenly and Dave Greenly are both relatives of my line. 
  • John Greenly 1775 married Mary Hartland from Pembridge in 20th January 1801- she died in 1882 (note John Greenly 1801 was born in June – so probably they had to marry).
  • Johns (1775) father, my Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfather was also a John Greenly (1745)

Great Great Great Great Grand Parents

  • John Greenly was born 1745 and died 1829 in Eardisland of Hardwick
  • He married Jane Caldwell (b 1745 d 30th December 1800) on 20th February 1773 in Eardisland.
  • John was the second eldest of 5 children.
    • Mary Greenly b 28th July 1745 Staunton on Arrow
    • John Greenly b1745 d 1829
    • Thomas Greenly b 24th February 1750 Titley?
    • Mary Greenly 14th April 1754
    • William Greenly 5th June 1757 Staunton On Arrow
  • John Greenlys (1745) father, my Great, Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfather was also John Greenly (1718)

Great Great Great Great Great Grand Parents

o   John Greenly (1718) was the second eldest of 8 children.

o   Mary Greenly b 1716 (she married Stephen Watkins, they had a son John Watkins. John marrid in Staunton On Arrow in 1774 and emigrated to USA where he became a famous soldier in the American Civil War?) – check this.

o   John Greenly 1718

o   Anne

o   William

o   William

o   Elizabeth

o   Thomas

o   Edward b 3rd September 1733 – Married Louisa Williams in London; Henry Greenly the famous Railway Engineer is directly descended from Edward.  I share a common ancestor therefore with Henry Greenly. Henry is his biography discusses his links to the Greenlys of Titley Court and therefore that link to my line is also established.

o   There is a portrait of Edward Greenly and Louisa Greenly at their Marriage in 1773 (and much more history of Henry) from the book The Minature World of Henry Greenly (EA Steel and EH Steel, 1973)

o   John Greenly 1718 married Ann Greenhouse b7th July 1723 (Kingsland) – married in Staunton On Arrow, 30th November 1744.

o   John Greenlys 1718 father, my Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfather was also John Greenly 1683.

Great Great Great Great Great Great Grand Parents

o   John Greenly 1683, was the second of 6 children

o   Elizabeth Greenly b 15th July 1680

o   John Greenly b 1st April 1683

o   James Greenly b 30th November 1684

o   Thomas and Ruth Greenly b 1st July 1686

o   John Greenly 1683 married Ann Coleman (Daughter of Thomas and Anne Colemn) in Leominster, on 24th June 1709.

o   John Greenlys 1683, father, my Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfather was Roger Greenly 1654 Staunton on Arrow

Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great Grand Parents

Roger Greenly 1654, was the eldest of two children

o   Roger Greenly b1654

o   William Greenely b1655, Staunton on Arrow

o   Roger Greenly 1654, married Joice ??? around 1678

o   Roger Greenlys 1654, father was Thomas Greenly 26th March 1629.

o   Thomas Greenly 1629, was my Great,  Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfather

Great,  Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfather

·         Thomas  Greenly 1629, was the eldest of 8 children (all born Staunton on Arrow)

o   Thomas Greenly 1629, b 26th March 1629

o   John Greenely b 13th March 1630

o   Elinor Greenely b 21st March 1632

o   Roger Greenely b 20th March 1635

o   Jane Greenely b 3rd February 1638

o   James Greenely  b 3rd January 1641

o   William Greenely b23rd March 644

o   Andrew Greenely b 4th February 1649

o   Roger Greenely 1654

Thomas Greenly 1629, married Elynor ? in guess 1627 or 1628

Thomas Greenlys 1629 father was Roger Greenely(1595?)

Roger Greenely 1592 would have been my   Great, Great,  Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfather.

Great, Great,  Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfather.

Roger Greenely 1592,was one of 13 children. (His father married twice).

Roger married Elizabeth(unknown) in 1627 or 1628

Roger Greenlys 1592 father, was Stephen  Greenly 1545? He was my Great, Great, Great,  Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfather.

·         10 Great, Great, Great,  Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfather.

Stephen  Greenly 1545, was  one of 7 children

Stephen was married twice, first to Anne and then Elinor who between them had 13 children.

Stephens father was Philp Greneleye of Moldley (Yeoman of Staunton On Arrow) 1500

·         11 Great, Great, Great, Great,  Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfather.


Philype was born in c1500 and died in 1578.

Philype 1500 was married to Elen (birth date not known, died 1591)

We can assume they married in c1525 – c1530, they had 7 children (mentioned in wills).

Philypes Father was Philip Grenley the elder of Moldeley


·         12 Great, Great, Great, Great,  Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfather.

Philype Grenley the elder of Moldeley was mentioned in will of Mawnss in 1546, also Sybil Greneley is also mentioned.

The next mention of him in a will is Badlond of 1551, where he is referred to as Philip Grenly the elder, implying that he has a son now, also called Philip.

Philype the elders father was probably Stephen Grenley mentioned in a will of 1539, Staunton.

·         13 Great, Great, Great, Great,  Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfather.

Stephen the elder did in 1578.

His father was ? John Greneleye of Mowley born c1440 and died 1503 (papers of Lady Elizabeth Greenly).

This John had a son John who went onto start the Titley line of the Family.

Stepehn, the other son of John and brother of John (Titley) went on to create our family line – the Staunton on Arrow Greenlys.

Hence our families (Titley and Staunton on Arrow), share the same collateral ancestor (John Greneleye – c1440 – 1503.

It is probable that John Greneleye was the ancestor of the Edward Greneleye who was Vice Chairman of Oxford University in 1436 – 1437.

Also, of William de Greneleye c1328 and Simonis de Greneleye c1260.

The family would have been significant from the 13th Century, land owners, Yeoman (next in line to Nobility) and were worthy of the promotion of John Greneleye in 1525 to Lord of the Manor of Woodhall Hill in Mouldley, Herefordshire.

David Greenly's Father

Cyril Percy 'Jack' Greenly was born in 1923 (6 March) in Ludlow, Shropshire. 


This photograph  is from WW2. Cyril was in the Royal Navy and was on the protection of the Russian Convey.


Jack moved to Wolverhampton when he around 16 in 1939. he would have worked with his Uncles, the Greenly Brothers mentioned below. 


The Greenly's undertook a lot of building work for Wolverhampton. They had offices in Greenly Road, which was named after them as thanks by a grateful council. 

Greenly Brothers, Wolverhampton
Greenly's Coffee House 1881, Leominster

 Name  Relation Marital Status Gender Age Birthplace Occupation Disability
 Charles TRISTRAM   Head   W   Male   76   Eardisland, Hereford, England   Coffee Housekeeper    
 John GREENLY   Nephew   M   Male   45   Hope, Hereford, England   Carpenter    
 Ellen GREENLY   Niece   M   Female   43   Eardisland, Hereford, England   Coffee House Manager    
 Charles GREENLY   Nephew      Male   11   Eardisland, Hereford, England   Scholar    
 Mary GREENLY   Niece      Female   9   Eardisland, Hereford, England   Scholar    
 William GREENLY   Nephew      Male   7   Eardisland, Hereford, England   Scholar    
 Thomas GREENLY   Nephew      Male   5   Eardisland, Hereford, England   Scholar